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The 98019 is a high-quality Copper Compression Lug designed for 1/0 AWG conductors, featuring a 1-hole configuration and a 3/8in bolt size. With a standard barrel, sight window, and a pink color code for easy identification, this tin-plated lug ensures a secure and efficient electrical connection in various applications.

Product Overview 

The 98019 Copper Compression Lug is a robust solution for connecting 1/0 AWG copper conductors, providing a reliable and durable electrical connection. With a 1-hole design and a 3/8in bolt size, it is suitable for heavy-duty applications, including industrial equipment, power distribution systems, and renewable energy installations. The standard barrel construction, along with a sight window, ensures a secure fit and simplifies installation. The tin-plated finish adds corrosion resistance, and the pink color code facilitates quick and accurate conductor size identification in complex electrical setups.


  • Material: Seamless Electro-Tin Plated Copper
  • Color: Pink
  • Overall Length: 1.981 Inch
  • Barrel Length: 0.75 Inch
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Voltage Rating: 35 kV
  • Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG
  • Stud Size: 3/8 Inch
  • Die Index: I-42
  • Pad Size: 0.875 Inch L X 0.738 Inch W X 0.125 Inch Thk
  • Pad Hole(s): 1
  • Barrel Type: Standard
  • ID/OD Size: 0.39 Inch ID X 0.515 Inch OD
  • Barrel Type: Chamfered Entry
  • Temperature Rating: 90 Deg C

Uses and Cases 

  • Electrical Panels: Used to connect 1/0 AWG conductors to circuit breakers, bus bars, and other components within electrical panels, ensuring efficient power distribution.
  • Switchgear: Employed in switchgear installations to establish connections between large conductors, facilitating the control and distribution of electrical power.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Applied in solar power installations and wind farms to connect the sizeable conductors used in transmitting generated power from renewable sources.
  • Industrial Machinery: Utilized in industrial settings to connect conductors within machinery, motor controls, and other equipment requiring a robust electrical connection.
  • Power Distribution Systems: Integrated into power distribution systems to connect conductors that carry electrical power from transformers to various distribution points.
  • Grounding and Bonding Applications: Used for grounding and bonding purposes, ensuring a reliable electrical connection between conductors and grounding electrodes to enhance safety.
  • Heavy-Duty Applications: Designed for heavy-duty applications, the lug can handle large currents, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments and high-power systems.
  • Construction and Building Wiring: Applied in construction projects and building wiring to establish secure connections between conductors in electrical systems.
  • Utility Installations: Used in utility installations to connect conductors in overhead and underground electrical networks, providing a durable and long-lasting connection.
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repairs: Employed during maintenance and repair activities to replace or establish connections in existing electrical systems with 1/0 AWG conductors.

Item Features 

  • Material: Constructed with high-quality seamless copper for durability.
  • Conductor Size: Specifically designed for 1/0 AWG conductors.
  • Hole Configuration: Features a single hole for simplified and secure connections.
  • Bolt Size: Equipped with a 3/8-inch bolt size for easy installation.
  • Barrel Type: Standard barrel design ensures a reliable electrical connection.
  • Color Code: Pink color coding for quick and accurate conductor size identification.
  • Voltage Rating: Rated for a maximum voltage of 35 kV.
  • Pad Size and Hole(s): 0.875-inch L X 0.738-inch W X 0.125-inch Thk pad size with 1 hole.
  • Die Index: I-42 die index for compatibility with specific crimping tools.
  • Chamfered Entry: Barrel type with chamfered entry for smoother conductor insertion.
  • Temperature Rating: Suitable for use in applications with a temperature rating of up to 90 degrees Celsius.
  • ID/OD Size: 0.39-inch ID X 0.515-inch OD for proper conductor fit.