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The 98085 is a high-quality 2-hole copper compression lug designed for a conductor size of 6. With a 1/4in bolt size, 5/8in hole spacing, and a long barrel, this lug ensures secure and efficient electrical connections. Its tin-plated surface and distinctive blue color code enhance durability and facilitate easy identification in electrical installations.

Product Overview

The 98085 is a reliable choice for connecting conductors of size 6 in electrical applications. Featuring a sturdy construction with a 1/4in bolt size and 5/8in hole spacing, this lug provides a secure and robust connection. The long barrel design adds versatility to installations, while the tin-plated finish enhances corrosion resistance. With its distinctive blue color code, this lug allows for quick and accurate identification, making it a practical and durable solution for various electrical projects.


  • Seamless electro-tin plated copper material
  • Blue color
  • 2.757-inch overall length
  • 1.125-inch barrel length
  • Copper conductor material
  • 35 kV voltage rating
  • 6 AWG conductor size
  • 1/4-inch stud size
  • I-24 die index
  • 1.437-inch L x 0.411-inch W x 0.087-inch Thk pad size
  • 2 pad hole(s)
  • 5/8-inch pad hole spacing
  • Long barrel type
  • Size: 0.203-inch ID x 0.295-inch OD
  • Barrel type chamfered entry
  • Temperature rating: 90°C

Uses and Cases 

  • Electrical Panels and Distribution Boxes: This lug is suitable for connecting conductors within electrical panels and distribution boxes, ensuring secure and reliable power distribution.
  • Industrial Equipment: In industrial settings, the lug can be used to establish connections in machinery, control panels, and other electrical components, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of industrial equipment.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: For solar power installations or wind energy systems, the lug is utilized to connect conductors, supporting the generation and distribution of clean energy.
  • Commercial Buildings: The lug is ideal for wiring applications in commercial buildings, such as connecting wires in lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, and other electrical infrastructure.
  • Data Centers: In data centers where precision and reliability are crucial, the lug can be employed for connecting power cables, ensuring a stable and efficient power supply to servers and networking equipment.
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure: For connecting power cables and grounding applications in telecommunications infrastructure, the lug plays a vital role in maintaining a reliable and secure network.
  • Residential Wiring: In residential electrical installations, this lug is applicable for connecting wires within circuit breakers, switches, and other components, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of the home's electrical system.
  • Power Substations: The lug can be used in power substations for connecting conductors, providing a crucial link in the transmission and distribution of electrical power.
  • Electrical Grounding Applications: The lug can be employed in various grounding applications to establish effective electrical grounding, promoting safety and protecting against electrical faults.

Item Features 

  • Material and Coating: Seamless electro-tin plated copper construction for enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Identification: Blue color coding facilitates easy identification in electrical installations.
  • Dimensions: 2.757-inch overall length with a 1.125-inch barrel length for versatile use.
  • Voltage and Size: Suitable for 35 kV voltage applications with a 6 AWG conductor size and 1/4-inch stud size.
  • Die Compatibility: I-24 die index for compatibility with specified crimping tools.
  • Pad Size and Holes: 1.437-inch L x 0.411-inch W x 0.087-inch Thk pad size with 2 pad holes and 5/8-inch pad hole spacing.
  • Design Type: Long barrel type design for flexibility in electrical connections.
  • Fitting Size: Size: 0.203-inch ID x 0.295-inch OD for precise fitting.
  • Ease of Installation: Barrel type chamfered entry for ease of installation.
  • Temperature Rating: Temperature rating of 90°C ensures durability in various operating conditions.