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High-Performance 1-Hole Mount Wire Connectors

Elevate your electrical installations with our specialized 1-Hole Mount Wire Connectors, meticulously designed for precise and secure connections.  1-Hole Mount Wire Connectors can be used in power and grounding electrical connection applications including termination of a conductor. 

Key Applications:

  • Accurate termination of electrical conductors in power circuits.
  • Strengthened grounding connections in commercial and industrial setups.
  • Reliable interconnections in power distribution systems.

Technical Insights:

  • Exclusively designed for copper conductors, with sizes from #16 Str to #6 Str.
  • Specifically engineered to accommodate a single-hole mount configuration.

Certifications & Suitability:

  • cULus Listed: Assurance of top-tier safety and performance standards.
  • Wire compatibility: #16 Str to #6 Str.
  • Highly recommended for California residents requiring advanced electrical connection solutions.