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Copper Short Length Compression Splice 2/0 AWG UL Listed

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Conversions Technology leads the way in electrical connectivity with its innovative design, ensuring secure and efficient power transmission. This is achieved through the use of a copper compression sleeve coupled with tin-plated copper, both of which contribute to superior conductivity and exceptional resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, the distinctive black color code simplifies identification, ensuring compliance with industry standards across a diverse range of electrical applications.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Center Wire Stop Connector
  • Dimensions: Length: 2 inches, Inner Diameter: 0.437 inch, Outer Diameter: 0.562 inch
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Voltage Rating: Up to 35 kV
  • Body Material: Electro-Tin Plated High Strength Seamless Copper
  • Conductor Size: 2/0 AWG
  • Color Coding: Black
  • Barrel Type: Short with Chamfered End
  • Applications: Grounding and Bonding
  • Temperature Rating: 90°C
  • Certifications: UL Certified, RoHS Compliant

Primary Use Cases

  • Power Distribution Panels: Ensures efficient power transmission within distribution frameworks.
  • Industrial Machinery: Provides robust electrical connections for heavy-duty industrial equipment.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Facilitates reliable connectivity in solar or wind power installations.
  • Electrical Substations: Crucial for grounding and bonding in high-demand electrical substations.
  • Commercial Construction Projects: Integral to establishing secure electrical networks in commercial buildings.
  • Data Centers: Supports continuous data processing through stable power connectivity.
  • Telecommunications Equipment: Ensures uninterrupted operations in the telecommunications sector.
  • Construction Sites: Offers durable and secure electrical connections for both temporary and permanent setups.
  • Generators: Vital for connecting generators to electrical systems, guaranteeing efficient electricity transfer.
  • Utilities and Power Grids: Aids in the stabilization and efficiency of the electrical grid through grounding and bonding.

Distinctive Features

  • Conductor Size: Optimized for 2/0AWG copper conductors, suitable for high-demand applications.
  • Crimp Design: Guarantees a secure and enduring electrical connection.
  • Material Quality: Comprised of premium copper for maximum conductivity and longevity.
  • Application Versatility: Adaptable across a spectrum of electrical systems and projects.
  • Efficient Installation: Designed for ease of installation, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Industry Standard Compliance: Black color code for quick identification, aligning with electrical standards.
  • Flexible Use: Short barrel with chamfered end for diverse application scenarios.
  • Safety Applications: Ideal for grounding and bonding, promoting electrical safety.
  • Operational Temperature: Suitable for environments up to 90°C, accommodating various conditions.