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Conversions Technology  4/0 AWG Copper Crimp Connector, embodying innovation in electrical connectivity for secure and efficient power transmission. By integrating a copper compression sleeve with tin-plated copper, this connector ensures unmatched conductivity and corrosion resistance. A unique purple color code facilitates easy identification, aligning with stringent industry standards for a broad spectrum of electrical applications.

Product Overview

 4/0 AWG Copper Crimp Connector is specifically engineered to enhance versatility within electrical systems. It features a copper compression sleeve designed to accommodate 4/0AWG conductors, with a tin-plated finish that boosts conductivity and guards against corrosion. Its purple color coding aids in easy identification, ensuring compliance with industry norms. Ideal for various settings, from power distribution panels to industrial machinery, this connector's robust construction and dependable performance make it an indispensable component for any electrical installation demanding secure and efficient connections.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Center Wire Stop
  • Length: 2.125 inches
  • Inner Diameter: 0.546 inches
  • Outer Diameter: 0.687 inches
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Voltage Rating: 35 kV
  • Body Material: Electro-Tin Plated High Strength Seamless Copper
  • Conductor Size: 4/0 AWG
  • Color Code: Purple
  • Barrel Type: Short With Chamfered End
  • Expanded Wire Size Compatibility: 1 to 4/0 AWG
  • Temperature Rating: 90°C
  • Certifications: UL Certified, RoHS Compliant

Application Use Cases

  • Power Distribution Panels: Facilitating efficient and reliable power distribution through secure connectivity.
  • Industrial Machinery: Ensuring durable electrical connections for 4/0AWG copper wires in industrial applications.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Optimizing connectivity in solar or wind installations for enhanced stability and efficiency.
  • Electrical Substations: Providing secure grounding and bonding in critical infrastructure settings.
  • Commercial Construction Projects: Offering reliable crimping solutions for electrical networks in commercial buildings.
  • Data Centers: Assuring uninterrupted power supply for data processing with stable electrical connections.
  • Telecommunications Equipment: Supporting continuous operations in telecommunications through effective grounding and bonding.
  • Construction Sites: Supplying robust connections for temporary or permanent installations with durable crimping of power cables.
  • Generators: Enabling efficient electricity transfer from generators to electrical systems.
  • Utilities and Power Grids: Enhancing the stability and efficiency of the electrical grid through proper grounding and bonding.

Key Features

  • Conductor Size Adaptability: Tailored for 4/0AWG copper conductors, suitable for high-demand applications.
  • Crimp Connection: Designed to ensure a secure and lasting electrical bond.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from premium copper for superior conductivity and durability.
  • Application Versatility: Compatible with a diverse range of electrical setups and projects.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies installation, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • Industry Standard Compliance: Purple color coding for quick identification and adherence to norms.
  • Flexible Barrel Design: Short with chamfered ends for ease of use across various scenarios.
  • Broad Wire Size Compatibility: Accommodates an expanded range of wire sizes from 1 to 4/0 AWG.
  • High-Temperature Operation: Rated for use in environments up to 90°C, suitable for various conditions.

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