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Conversions Technology advanced F splice adapters is the highest quality adapter available on the market today.  With superior holding force and low loss this coupler is a go to for broadband installers.

Lower Insertion Loss
The Conversions Technology F Coupler series  approximately 1/3 the insertion loss of standard splices at higher frequencies.(Savings of over .5 dB at 2 GHz).

Higher Frequency Operation
The internal air dielectric in combination with the symmetrically round pin provide superior matching over wide frequencies between DC and 3 GHz.

Higher Return Loss
With a return loss of over 35 dB @1 GHz, as compared to 13 dB for standard splices, the Conversions Technology CTF81-4G can assure a higher match resulting in faster digital speeds. The G series exceeds current SCTE minimum RL levels of 20 dB.

Beryllium Copper Seizing Pin
The use of the more expensive beryllium copper material for the center conductor seizing pins insures a greater holding force than the traditional phosphor bronze or copper pins used in standard splices. The advanced material also maintains a higher spring tension over repetitive insertions.

Accepts a Wider Range of Cable Center Conductors
Due to the greater elastic capability of beryllium copper, the Conversions Technology CTF81-4G series can accept a wider variation in cable center conductor sizes and maintains its high strength on the smallest cables even after repetitive insertions of the largest cables.