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Figure 8 Compression Ground Rod Connector 1" (2/0 Cable Range)


This Figure 8 Compression Ground Rod Connector is expertly crafted from high-strength copper alloy, ensuring durability and reliability in various electrical applications. With a design that accommodates 2/0 cable ranges, this connector is perfect for robust electrical installations. The compact size of the connector not only facilitates easy installation but also allows for efficient taping, making it an ideal choice for projects where space is at a premium.

The connector is pre-filled with anti-oxidant, safeguarding your electrical connections against oxidation and ensuring long-term performance. It is designed to support two continuous parallel conductors, providing versatility and reliability in your electrical systems.


  • UL 467 listed, guaranteeing safety and reliability for grounding and bonding.
  • UL96 Listed for Lightning Protection, offering assurance against lightning strikes and surges.


  • Rated for 600 Volts / 90°C, providing high voltage and temperature tolerance necessary for demanding electrical systems.

Use Cases:

  • Electrical installations requiring direct burial, ensuring longevity and reliability underground.
  • Projects where space is limited, and compact connectors are essential, optimizing the use of available space.
  • Installations that demand protection from oxidation, ensuring stable and long-lasting electrical connections.
  • Systems that require high voltage and temperature tolerance, catering to a wide range of industrial and heavy-duty applications.
  • Applications that necessitate certified lightning protection, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the power is off before starting the installation. Clean the ground rod and cable to remove any dirt or oxidation.
  2. Insertion: Insert the ground rod and cables into the respective openings of the Figure 8 Compression Ground Rod Connector.
  3. Compression: Use an appropriate compression tool to securely fasten the connector onto the ground rod and cables.
  4. Inspection: Check the connection to ensure it's tight and secure. Apply electrical tape if necessary to protect the connection from environmental factors.
  5. Testing: Once installed, test the connection to ensure proper electrical continuity and integrity.

Crimping Tools & Dies Guide

CU Cable Range Ground Rod Size Burndy Panduit T&B Strip Length # of Crimps
2/0 STR 1/2" U-39RT /24 CD-920-750 15G121R 1" 1
2/0 STR 5/8" U-39RT /25 CD-920-751 15G121R 1" 1
2/0 STR 3/4" U-39RT /26 CD-920-752 15G121R 1" 1
2/0 STR 1" U-39RT /27 CD-920-753 15G121R 1" 1
2 - 250 MCM 1/2" U-39RT /28 CD-920-754 15G121R 1" 1
2 - 250 MCM 5/8" U-39RT /29 CD-920-755 15G121R 1" 1
2 - 250 MCM 3/4" U-39RT /30 CD-920-756 15G121R 1" 1
2 - 250 MCM 1" U-39RT /31 CD-920-757 15G121R 1" 1
250 - MCM - 500 MCM 5/8" U-39RT /32 CD-920-758 15G121R 1" 1
250 - MCM - 500 MCM 3/4" U-39RT /33 CD-920-759 15G121R 1" 1
250 - MCM - 500 MCM 1" U-39RT /34 CD-920-760 15G121R 1" 1


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