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IP65 Rated 6 in 1 out 6 600V 1000V DC Solar PV Combiner Box

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6 String Solar Combiner Box by Conversions Technology

Optimize your on/off grid solar power system with the 6 String Solar Combiner Box PV Combiner Box from Conversions Technology. This high-performance combiner box is engineered with advanced features to enhance performance and ensure reliability.

Key Features and Benefits

The combiner box includes 63A Circuit Breakers and 15A Rated Current Fuses to provide maximal protection for your solar system. It also features lightning arrestors to safeguard against lightning strikes and power surges.

Designed for durability, it boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring water resistance and suitability for outdoor installation. This robust protection allows it to perform in adverse weather conditions without compromise.

Supporting up to 6 strings of solar panels, this combiner box facilitates easy expansion of your solar power system, making it an excellent choice for large-scale installations.

Why Choose This Solar Combiner Box?

  • Advanced Circuit Protection: Equipped with 63A Circuit Breakers and 15A Rated Current Fuses.
  • Lightning and Surge Protection: Includes a lightning arrestor to shield your system from unexpected electrical surges.
  • Weather Resistant: IP65-rated for high-level water resistance, ideal for outdoor use.
  • Capacity for Expansion: Accommodates up to 4 strings of solar panels, suitable for scaling large solar projects.
  • Designed for On/Off Grid Systems: Tailored to enhance both on and off grid solar installations.

In summary, the 6 String Solar Combiner Box PV Combiner Box from Conversions Technology offers robust construction and advanced features, setting it apart as a top choice for securing and enhancing your solar power system.

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