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PPE | MASK | HEPA-Filter Air Flow Purifier KN95 Mask System

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Our HEPA filter mask system uses consent air flow for initial pressure drop makes you breathe easier. High-quality elastic earband, easy to wear and comfortable,comfortable for long periods of wear, help protect one of your most vital assets which is your respiratory system.

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Breath Easy

Hepa filter KN95 system mask with H13 material offers the best protection, continuous 500 hours of working time for per filter. No more fogged up glasses, overheating, or feeling stuffy with constant air flow to the nose and mouth . Easily tie filtration pump to waist or arm. Large batter capacity to work all through an 8 hour day. Easily re-charge via USB (cable included)

Awesome Features

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Adjustable Air Flow

3 adjustable air flow modes, keep the right amount of air flowing no matter what task you are doing

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Activated Carbon

Filer effect: AM99 ≥ N95 ≥ Medical surgical masks ≥ Medical normal masks ≥ Anti dust masks

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Our performance out paces the competition

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“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs

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Dust particle polluted environment Bacterial virus contamination Air Pollution Chemical pollution

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Easy to Breath

Filter efficiency 99.9% Expiratory resistance 23.8% Inhalation resistance 65.5% Two sides leak rate 0.9%

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