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CT-KaKu EQ for Optimal DirecTV Ka/Ku Distribution System Performance

Optimize Your DirecTV Ka/Ku Distribution with CT-KaKu EQ

The CT-KaKu EQ is engineered to enhance the performance of DirecTV Ka/Ku distribution systems. By expertly reducing the power level across the 250-750MHz (B-Band) and minimizing insertion loss at High Ka frequencies, this device is crucial for maintaining signal integrity before amplification.

Key Specifications:

  • Frequency Optimization: Targets the 250-750MHz (B-Band) range for power level reduction.
  • Insertion Loss Minimization: Specially designed to reduce insertion loss at High Ka frequencies, ensuring signal quality.
  • Application: Ideally positioned before the first amplifier in a DirecTV Ka/Ku trunk distribution system for optimal performance.
  • Power-Passing Ports: All ports are designed to pass power, facilitating flexible system configurations.


  • Enhanced System Performance: Improves signal quality and distribution efficiency within DirecTV Ka/Ku systems.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates into existing setups, preceding the first amplifier for immediate benefits.
  • Reliable Operation: Built with power-passing ports to ensure consistent and uninterrupted service.

The CT-KaKu EQ is your solution for achieving superior signal performance in DirecTV Ka/Ku distribution systems. By addressing specific frequency challenges and minimizing potential signal degradation, it stands as an essential component for satellite TV service providers and installers aiming for the highest quality distribution.

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