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The GSP series introduces premium digital splitters, engineered to provide optimal signal distribution with low distortion and support for high-level return path signals. Ideal for devices such as cable modems and set-top boxes, these splitters are built to maintain the integrity of your digital signals.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Low Distortion: Guarantees clear signal transmission with minimal degradation.
  • High-Level Return Path: Facilitates efficient two-way communication for cable modems and STBs.
  • Durable Housing: Made from corrosion-resistant zinc alloy, die-cast, and tin-plated for enhanced durability.
  • SCTE IPS-SP-400 Compliance: Ensures waterproof sealing and adherence to industry standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 5-1002MHz with +/-0.5dB flatness for consistent performance.
  • Insertion Loss: Optimized from 7.2dB to 8.1dB across various bands for efficient signal distribution.
  • Return Loss: High values from 20dB to 35dB enhance signal reflection for input and output.
  • Isolation: Provides 20dB to 40dB out-to-out isolation, minimizing interference.
  • RFI Shielding: Up to 120dB to protect against radio frequency interference.
  • Surge Protection: Meets IEEE C62.41-1991 standards for electrical surge safety.
  • Operating Temperature: Functional between -40 to +60°C for diverse environments.
  • Waterproof Connectors: SCTE compliant IPS-SP-400, waterproof sealed F connectors.
  • Waterproof Design: Tested to withstand 15 lbs./inch water pressure for 1 minute.

Use Cases

From enhancing home entertainment systems to supporting telecommunications infrastructure, the GSP premium digital splitters are designed for both residential and commercial applications, providing a robust solution for digital signal management.

With its superior design and comprehensive features, the GSP series stands as the go-to choice for ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality digital services across various setups.

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