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SR PS24-2A DC Switching Power Supply & CT-T771-X Taps for DIRECTV Solutions

SR PS24-2A and CT-T771-X: Premier DIRECTV MFH2 Technology Solutions

Introducing the SR PS24-2A, a high-performance DC switching power supply, and the CT-T771-X taps, specifically engineered for DIRECTV MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) and commercial applications. These solutions are designed to enhance and distribute DIRECTV MFH2 signal technology efficiently.

SR PS24-2A Power Supply Specifications:

  • Output: 24VDC, 2 Amp source for reliable power delivery.
  • Cord: Rugged 18AWG cord with low resistance and RFI filtering for clean power transmission.
  • Surge Protection: AC cord capable of withstanding up to a 300-volt surge, ensuring equipment safety.
  • Compatibility: Powers DIRECTV MFH2 technology products including SR 6SPI power inserter, SR FMC-2 chassis, and up to two SWM8 modules.

CT-T771-X Tap Features:

  • Application: Developed for DIRECTV MDU and commercial applications for efficient MFH2 signal distribution.
  • Ports: Features six DBS tap ports plus a seventh port for digital off-air and broadband data signals.
  • Variety: Four different tap values available to accommodate standard design solutions.
  • Design: High return loss, passes DC voltage from out-to-in, and includes DC blocking on the tap port for enhanced signal integrity.
  • Construction: Durable die-cast housing with a one-piece design for longevity and reliability.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Signal Distribution: Optimal solutions for distributing DIRECTV MFH2 technology across MDU and commercial settings.
  • Robust Power Supply: The SR PS24-2A provides stable and clean power for critical DIRECTV technology components.
  • Flexible Installation: CT-T771-X taps offer versatile signal distribution options with high-quality signal integrity.
  • Durable Construction: Both the power supply and taps feature robust designs to withstand demanding environments.

Equip your DIRECTV MFH2 technology systems with the SR PS24-2A and CT-T771-X for unparalleled performance and reliability in MDU and commercial applications.

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