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DisplayPort to VGA Converter: Seamless Digital to Analog Conversion

DisplayPort to VGA Converter

The DisplayPort to VGA Converter seamlessly transforms your digital displayport signals into analog VGA signals. Establishing a connection is straightforward: simply plug in your displayport source and display to relish the impeccable visuals. The epitome of effortless connectivity is here!


  • Digital entertainment centers
  • Projector factories
  • Noisy environments
  • Security-sensitive areas
  • Conference room presentations
  • School and corporate training settings


  • Display resolution capabilities up to: 1920x1200(WUXGA-R), 60Hz, 8bpc: 154MHz and 1920x1080P, 60Hz, 10bpc: 144MHz
  • Support for DisplayPort ver1.1: DP two lanes or DP one lane
  • RGB analog video (VGA port) output configured for 700mV voltage swing
  • Automatic sink detection with standby mode
  • Spread spectrum for reduced EMI
  • EDID Pre-fetch (with VGA EDID Conversion)
  • Sink detection based on DDC return
  • Measured power: Active at 1.4W, Standby at 100mW
  • Power supply derived from +3.3V (From DP)

Experience unparalleled display versatility and clarity with our DisplayPort to VGA Converter. Tailored for multiple environments, this device stands as an essential tool for modern display needs.