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Optimize Your RF Applications with Conversions Technology Z FAKRA Cable

Introducing the Conversions Technology FAKRA Z female to Z female Cable - a high-performance, reliable, and economical RF connector solution designed for applications requiring robust connectivity. Featuring easy-to-identify multiple color codes, this FAKRA connector ensures effortless matching and is engineered to excel up to 4GHz at 50 Ω, making it the ideal choice for applications demanding high-reliability connections.

Key Applications

  • Broadcast Antennas: Enhance signal quality and distribution in broadcasting systems.
  • GPS: Ensure precise navigation and timing signals with reliable connections.
  • Cellular: Support cellular communications with high-quality signal transmission.
  • Bluetooth: Enable seamless Bluetooth connections for various devices.
  • Keyless Entry Systems: Provide dependable connections for vehicle keyless entry systems.
  • Dual-band WiFi: Facilitate robust dual-band WiFi connections for improved network performance.
  • Surround Cameras: Support high-definition video transmission for surround camera systems.

Exceptional Features

  • 100% Continuity Tested: Each cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Custom RF Testing and Phase Matching: Optional testing services available to meet specific application requirements.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification: Manufactured under strict quality management systems for supreme reliability.
  • Unparalleled Technical Support and Customer Service: Expert assistance and support for any queries or concerns.

Download Technical Specifications

Get detailed technical specifications to explore how the Conversions Technology Z FAKRA Cable can transform your RF connectivity needs.

Click here to download specifications

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