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Power Cable | Figure 8 Style AC Cord, 3ft

SKU 0250-004
Figure 8 style AC cord (round round) UL listed 3 foot
Conversions Technology Figure-8 and D-Type AC Cables are Suitable for Personal Computers,Printers, Office Equipment, Instrumentation and Consumer Electronics Applications. This 6 foot D type ac cable is double insulated 18 awg pure copper.

All Conversions Technology builds its power cables to the highest of standards using only 99.9% pure copper.


All Conversions Technology Power cables are manufactured to 105 Celsius temperature rating

C7P Connector (also known as Figure 8)

Used On:1. Power cord, Samsung SMT-H3050, SMT-H3090, SMT-H3260, SMT-H32622. Power cord, Motorola
DCH3200, DCH6200, DCH6416, DCT3416, DCX34003. Power cord, Cisco 4240HDC, 4250HD, 4640HDC, 4642HDC, 8240HDC, 8300HDC, 8640HDC, 8642HDC5. Power cord, Motorola SBV5121, SBV5222, SBV53223. Power Cord, Arris TM504, TM602, TM604, TM6083. Power cord, Cisco DPQ2425-2200

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