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Conversions Technology AC Cables

Figure 8 Style AC Cord (Round Round) UL Listed - 6 Foot

Conversions Technology Figure-8 and D-Type AC Cables are tailored for use with Personal Computers, Printers, Office Equipment, Instrumentation, and Consumer Electronics Applications. The 6-foot D-type AC cable boasts a double insulation, made from 18 awg pure copper.

All Conversions Technology manufactures its power cables to premium standards, using only 99.9% pure copper.


  • Temperature Rating: 105°C
  • Connector Type: C7P (also known as Figure 8)

Used On:

  • Power cord for Samsung models: SMT-H3050, SMT-H3090, SMT-H3260, SMT-H3262
  • Power cord for Motorola models: DCH3200, DCH6200, DCH6416, DCT3416, DCX3400
  • Power cord for Cisco models: 4240HDC, 4250HD, 4640HDC, 4642HDC, 8240HDC, 8300HDC, 8640HDC, 8642HDC
  • Power cord for Motorola models: SBV5121, SBV5222, SBV5322
  • Power Cord for Arris models: TM504, TM602, TM604, TM608
  • Power cord for Cisco model: DPQ2425-2200

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