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360° Omnidirectional TV Antenna, 32dB Gain, Flush Mount (Black) by HDVision360

The HDVision 360 HD antenna is designed to be low profile and base free. This high gain antenna provides excellent performance with aesthetically pleasing to any boar tor RV.

Example setup:
HD Vision 360 Antenna SetUp Diagram

HD VISION 360 TV Antenna, 32dB Gain, Omni-Directional, Flush Mount (Black) ..

ATSC 3.0 (formally known by the catchier NextGen TV moniker) upgrades our existing antenna TV system by establishing a new technical framework for how those TV signals are created, broadcast, and received. It supports higher resolutions like 4K and possibly 8K, along with much better sound. It’s also intended to work hand-in-hand with internet access to provide a richer, more interactive experience. There’s even the potential for ATSC 3.0 to replace some uses of mobile data, especially within the automotive world.

Beautiful Stunning 4k

ATSC 3.0 Ready.

ATSC 3.0 is the next generation terrestrial broadcast system designed from the ground up to improve the television viewing experience with higher audio and video quality, improved compression efficiency, robust transmission for reception on both fixed and mobile devices, and more accessibility, personalization and interactivity. The ATSC 3.0 standard is defined in a suite of more than 20 Standards and companion Recommended Practices.

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Low Profile

Easy to install for marine or RV.

This water resistant low profile ATSC3.0 capable antenna uses the latest technology. Easy receive 100s of free channels. This antenna is supplies with two outputs (1) AM/FM and (1) off air coax output to distribute to your tv(s). Simply use the conversions Technology off air antenna wall plate to supply 12V to power your antanna.