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3FT 3 Pin Plug 18 AWG x 3C Cable: UL Listed, Durable & Safe for Home Appliances

3FT, 3 Pin / 3 Prongs Plug, 18 AWG x 3C Cable: Ensuring Safety and Durability in Every Use

Introducing our 3FT, 3 Pin / 3 Prongs Plug, 18 AWG x 3C Cable, meticulously designed and rated to carry 100V-250V at 10A, ensuring it is robust enough to support most home appliances. Our cable is not only UL Listed and Tested, but also approved and certified by UL Lab, guaranteeing you a product that adheres to quality and safety standards.

Overheating Protection, Overload Protection with High-Quality Wires

Engineered with Overheating Protection and Overload Protection, our cable ensures that your appliances are safeguarded from potential electrical discrepancies, enhancing the longevity and safe operation of your devices. The high-quality wires within the cable are specifically chosen to ensure optimal performance and safety in every use.

Rugged Design Guaranteeing High-Quality 3 Prong Power Cord with a Lifetime Warranty

Our Rugged Design guarantees a high-quality 3 prong power cord that is built to last. Plus, we stand by the quality of our product by offering a Life Time Warranty, ensuring that our cable is a safe and durable choice for all your home appliance needs.

Choose a power cord that promises safety, durability, and reliability in every use. Contact us for more information and elevate the safety and efficiency of your home appliances with our 3FT, 3 Pin / 3 Prongs Plug, 18 AWG x 3C Cable today.