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Insulated Tap Connectors 2 port single-side Entry 6 AWG - 350 MCM

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Insulated Tap Connectors form secure connections between multiple conductors with a rounded design and UV-resistant insulation coating. These connectors offer several key advantages:

Key Features

  • Secure Connections: Utilizes adjustable set screws and rounded body design for high-pressure, low-resistance connections.
  • One-Side Wire Entry: Quickly connects 2 conductors with single-side entry ports suitable for wires from 6 AWG to 350 MCM, compliant with NEC article 230.46.
  • NEC 230.46 Compliance: Meets National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 230.46 for line side connections on service equipment.
  • Ergonomic Design: Rounded body and smooth plastisol insulation ensure comfortable gripping during installation.
  • Removable Plugs: Equipped with removable plugs to prevent debris and moisture during wire insertion.
  • Pre-Filled Oxide Inhibitor: Ports pre-filled with oxide inhibitor gel to prevent corrosion and ensure stable electrical resistance.
  • Professional Performance: Durable plastisol insulation provides superior UV, abrasion, and chemical resistance for extended service life.

Technical Specifications

Wire Gauge Range: 6 AWG to 350 MCM

Connection Type: Set Screw

Insulation Material: UV-resistant Plastisol

Features: Single-Sided Entry, Removable Plugs, Pre-Filled Oxide Inhibitor

Voltage Rating: 600 V

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Plastisol Insulated (UV resistant)

Certifications: cULus, Meets NEC 230.46

UL Standard: UL 486A/B


  • Residential electrical installations
  • Commercial building wiring systems
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Power distribution networks
  • HVAC systems
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Automotive environments
  • Marine environments
  • Various machinery and equipment wiring applications

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