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Insulated Tap Connectors 4 port dual-side Entry 1/0 AWG - 14 AWG

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Insulated Tap connectors 2 are a line of pre-insulated electrical connectors designed for forming secure connections between multiple conductors. These connectors offer several key advantages:

  • Secure Connections: The connectors utilize a combination of adjustable set screws and a rounded body design to create a high-pressure connection between conductors. This design ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection with minimal electrical resistance.

  • Dual-Sided Wire Entry: Each connector features dual entry ports on opposing sides, allowing for flexible conductor placement and accommodating various wiring configurations. These ports are sized for wires ranging from 1/0 AWG to 14 AWG.

  • NEC 230.46 Compliance: The design adheres to National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 230.46 requirements, making them suitable for line side connections on service equipment.

  • Ergonomic Design: The connectors boast a rounded body and a smooth plastisol insulation finish, promoting comfortable gripping during installation.

  • Removable Plugs: Each port and set screw comes equipped with a removable plug, preventing debris, moisture, and contaminants from entering the connector body before and during wire insertion.

  • Pre-Filled Oxide Inhibitor: Both entry ports are pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor gel. This gel helps to prevent corrosion at the conductor-to-connector interface, ensuring a low and stable electrical resistance over time.

  • Professional Performance: The durable plastisol insulation coating on each connector offers superior resistance to UV radiation, abrasion, and chemicals. This ensures reliable performance and extended service life in various environmental conditions.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Wire Gauge Range: 1/0 AWG to 14 AWG

  • Connection Type: Set Screw

  • Insulation Material: UV-resistant Plastisol

  • Features: Dual-Sided Entry, Removable Plugs, Pre-Filled Oxide Inhibitor

  • Voltage Rating: 600 V

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Finish: Plastisol Insulated (UV resistant)

  • Color: Black

  • UPC: 810166615501

  • Origin Country: US

  • Certifications: cULus, Meets NEC 230.46 Suitable for Line Side of Service

  • Ul Standard: UL 486A/B

  • Ul File No: E186991

  • Wire Cable Class: Class B, Class C

  • Conductor Max Amps:

    • Aluminum: 100 A

    • Copper: 130 A

  • Conductor Size Range:

    • Aluminum: 1/0 AWG - 14 AWG

  • Conductor Type: Copper, Aluminum

  • Temperature Rating: 90C, AL9CU

  • Conductor Count: 4

  • Environmental Temperature: Cold Temperature rated to -45C


  • Number of Wire Binding Screws per Port: 1

  • Wire Binding Screw Size: 3/8

  • Wire Binding Torque: 10 - 14 AWG = 35

  • Wire Binding Torque: 8 AWG = 40

  • Wire Binding Torque: 4 - 6 AWG = 45

  • Wire Binding Torque: 2/0 - 3 AWG = 50


  • Height (IN): 1.627

  • Height BX (IN): 3.75

  • Length (IN): 2.873

  • Weight (LB): 0.26

  • Weight BX (LB): 1.7551

  • Width (IN): 1.825

  • Width BX (IN): 6


  • Residential electrical installations

  • Commercial building wiring systems

  • Industrial machinery and equipment electrical systems

  • Power distribution networks

  • HVAC systems

  • Infrastructure and utility projects

  • Electrical systems in automotive and marine environments

  • Machinery and equipment wiring across various industries

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