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Insulated Tap Connectors for Two Wires Dual-side Entry with Mounting 750 kcmil 2 port

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The 60010M is a robust connector designed for efficient wire terminations, accommodating wire sizes up to 750 kcmil. Its durable construction ensures secure and reliable connections in various electrical applications.

Product Overview

The 60010M is an insulated tap connector designed for secure connections between two wires. Its dual-side entry feature allows for easy installation and connection of the wires. With a mounting capability, it offers stability and can be securely fixed in place for various applications. This connector ensures a reliable and insulated connection, ideal for electrical systems where safety and durability are paramount.


  • Type: Insulated Tap Connector
  • Wire Entry: Dual-side entry
  • Maximum Wire Capacity: Accommodates two wires
  • Wire Size: Up to 750 MCM
  • Mounting: Includes mounting capability for secure installation
  • Insulation: Provides insulation for safe and reliable connections
  • Application: Ideal for various electrical systems requiring secure and insulated wire connections

Uses and Cases

  • Electrical Panel Connections: Enables secure connections between wires within electrical panels.
  • Industrial Machinery: Ideal for wiring connections in heavy machinery where secure and insulated connections are crucial.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Used in solar or wind energy systems for connecting larger gauge wires securely.
  • Electrical Distribution Boxes: Facilitates safe connections within distribution boxes, ensuring reliability in power distribution.
  • Commercial Construction: Suitable for wiring applications in large-scale construction projects, providing stable connections.
  • Utility and Power Grids: Used in utility installations for ensuring secure connections in power grid systems.

Item Features

  • Dual-Side Entry: Allows for convenient and flexible wire insertion from both sides.
  • Accommodates Two Wires: Designed to securely connect and accommodate two wires.
  • Wide Wire Size Range: Accommodates wires up to 750 MCM, providing versatility in applications.
  • Mounting Capability: Includes provisions for secure mounting, ensuring stability once installed.
  • Insulated Design: Provides insulation for safe and reliable wire connections.
  • Durable Construction: Made from quality materials for durability and long-term reliability.
  • Suitable for Various Applications: Ideal for industrial, commercial, and utility applications requiring secure and insulated connections.