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Insulated Tap Connectors for Two Wires Zig zag Entry 6 AWG 250 kcmil 2 Port

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The 2-Port Insulated Tap Connector with Zig-zag Entry for 6 AWG - 250 kcmil offers a unique combination for heavy-duty electrical connections. Here's a breakdown of the product overview, tech description, and specifications:

Product Overview

This connector bridges the gap between large and smaller conductors. It accommodates a wide range on one side:

  • Large conductor: Up to 250 kcmil (thousand circular mils) - typically used for high-power applications in industrial settings or utility distribution.

On the other side, it accepts a smaller conductor:

  • Smaller conductor: 6 AWG - commonly used for branch circuits or feeding electrical equipment.

This versatility makes it suitable for various applications where connecting a large cable to a smaller one is necessary.

Tech Description

The zig-zag entry design allows for wires to be inserted from either the same or opposite sides of the connector. This flexibility simplifies installation and adapts to different wiring layouts. The connector is likely constructed with a high dielectric strength material, such as plastisol, for safe and reliable operation.

Here are the key technical aspects (refer to manufacturer specifications for confirmation):

  • Conductor Compatibility: Dual Rated (Accepts both Aluminum and Copper Wires)
  • Wire Size:
    • Large Conductor Port: Up to 250 kcmil
    • Small Conductor Port: 6 AWG
  • Voltage Rating: Information might not be readily available (Verify with manufacturer specifications)
  • Temperature Rating: Information might not be readily available (Verify with manufacturer specifications)
  • Material: Likely High Dielectric Strength Plastisol (Typical material for insulated tap connectors, confirm with manufacturer)
  • Ports: Offset Double Sided Entry with Removable Plugs (For closing unused ports)
  • Body Style: 1 Pole, 2 Conductor
  • Wire Type: Class B & C (Compatible with commonly used solid and stranded copper wires, verify with manufacturer for specific details)
  • Hex Size: Information might not be available (Hex size might not be applicable for all tap connectors)


  • Dimensions: Information might not be readily available (Check manufacturer's website or datasheet for dimensions)
  • Finish: Black (Typical finish for insulated tap connectors, confirm with manufacturer)


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