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Conversions Technology white F-81 keystone modular inserts are designed to provide easy and quick connectivity for most satellite, cable television or CCTV installations. These proprietary plastic molded products snap in between an open Keystone Jack Port which allows them complete accessors so you can easily connect just about any type of coaxial wire from your home automation system with no hassle at all!

  • Pre-installed nickel-plated zinc alloy standard “F” connector
  • Provides a clean finished appearance
  • For Satellite TV, Cable TV and CCTV applications
  • Modular snap-in/out design for temporary or long-term applications
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Maximum Frequency: 3 GHz
  • Allows for mixed media installs in faceplates and patch panels
  • Available in White, and black
  • Sold Individually or in packs of 100