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POD | LED Super Flares-Red

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Enhance Your Safety with the LED Super Flare from Conversions Technology

For emergency responders, the robust and versatile LED Super Flare is an indispensable safety tool. Engineered for peak performance, this compact device ensures you're seen and safe in all conditions, whether on duty or engaged in outdoor activities.

Unmatched Visibility and Durability:

  • 360° Ultra-Bright Illumination: Equipped with 16 powerful LEDs, the Super Flare delivers unparalleled brightness visible from over a mile away, ensuring your safety and visibility in any situation.
  • Waterproof and Rugged Design: Designed to endure the harshest environments, from extreme temperatures to high-pressure conditions, this light is waterproof and virtually indestructible.
  • Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: With a leak-proof design and an impressive 10-year shelf life, the battery guarantees reliability when you need it most.
  • Versatile Flash Patterns: Featuring 9 distinct flash patterns, including a U.S. Coast Guard-approved SOS (Morse Code) signal and a solid-on (lantern) mode, the Super Flare is adaptable to various emergency scenarios.

Essential for Professional and Recreational Use:

  • Emergency Response: An essential tool for police, firefighters, EMTs, and rescue first responders, enhancing visibility and safety during operations.
  • Traffic Management: Ideal for managing traffic flow and serving as a warning light in hazardous conditions.
  • Rescue Operations: Functions as a rescue beacon, guiding teams during search and rescue missions.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Perfect for hiking and other sports activities, providing a reliable source of light and safety signals.


  • LED Configuration: 16 LEDs for complete 360° illumination.
  • Visibility Range: Effective visibility over 1 mile.
  • Battery: Leak-proof lithium ion with a 10-year shelf life.
  • Waterproof Level: Fully waterproof to withstand any environment.
  • Flash Patterns: 9 options, including SOS (Morse Code) and lantern mode.


  • Environmentally Friendly: RoHS certified, minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Safety and Reliability: Meets UL and FCC standards for safety and reliability in electronic devices.

Don't compromise on safety or reliability. The LED Super Flare from Conversions Technology is your go-to solution for ensuring visibility and durability in any situation. Whether for professional emergency response or personal outdoor activities, trust in the Super Flare to light your way.

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