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PPE | SANITIZER | LED UVC Sanitizer Bag & Cleaner, USB Powered, Sterilizer, Black

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Multipurpose-UV sterilizer bag can softly sanitizes your cell phone, Baby Bottle,Pacifiers Jewelry, Makeup Brushes, Kitchenware and More without harsh steam, 99% cleaned within 5 min

Sanitize & Protect

Making A diffidence

Small light wait design

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Designed to be potable light way and mobile, easily take this on the go. With USB power, it can easy be plugged in to a vehicle or at home.

Is available in black or red, zip tight design with view window

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Built in Safety

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Safety System - When the cover is opened greater than 45 degrees, it will auto shut down, then can protect you from expose

Chemical Free and Safety- UV light sanitizing is free from harmful Lead and Phthalates, and LED UV lamp is more safety and more efficient than mercury lamp.

Save Time & Easy To Use - One button click to start, completely automated cleaning cycle saves time by doing all the work for you.

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