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MPPT Solar Charger Controller 20A/20A, 12V/24V auto 100V max solar voltage

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Introducing the Conversions 20 Amp Technology Solar Controller, engineered with cutting-edge MPPT and digital control technologies to maximize solar energy capture in diverse environments.

Key Technical Features

  • High-Precision MPPT Technology: Superior tracking algorithms ensure over 99.9% efficiency, rapidly pinpointing and harnessing peak power points.
  • Enhanced Charge Conversion: Digital technology achieves up to 98% charge conversion efficiency.
  • Interactive LCD Interface: Easily monitor operational data and system conditions.
  • Comprehensive Energy Monitoring: Real-time energy statistics enhance system management.
  • Voltage Adaptation: Automatically adapts to 12V or 24V systems, accommodating a wide range of installation needs.
  • Battery Compatibility: Supports diverse battery types and extends life with precise temperature compensation.
  • Thermal Management: Built-in power reduction function safeguards against over-temperature conditions.
  • Multistage Charging Protocol: Implements a robust four-stage charging process to optimize battery efficiency.
  • Advanced Load Control: Configurable load control modes cater to varied operational requirements.
  • Connectivity and Expansion: Optional IoT and Bluetooth capabilities for remote system management.
  • Data Management: Monthly charging data is detailed through graphs and categorizations.
  • Robust Communication Interface: RJ11 connector facilitates RS-485 Modbus communications.
  • Optimal Design for Heat Dissipation: Expertly designed to maintain system integrity under thermal stress.
  • Comprehensive Protection Mechanisms: Automatic electronic protections enhance reliability and safety.

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