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Portable wireless mini power bank speakers in black.
Our POD Bluetooth speakers uses a high capacity lithium Polymer battery, with the super low bass, also comes with noise reduction technology. using Bluetooth 4.0 easily connect to any phone or tablet. With a Water resistant & shock proof design take this anywhere to Liston ot hours of music or just a back up charger for your phone or tablet. POD speakers are recognized for durability so that you can enjoy the pure HIFI sound quality it has a build in microphone wireless Bluetooth function anywhere.

  • Up to 20 hours of lithium battery life
  • Water resistant & shock proof design
  • Powerbank feature for phones
  • Deep base sound
  • Crisp clear audio
  • Portable for on the go entertainment
  • Internal battery
  • Hands-free
  • Wireless Hi-Fi
The POD Bluetooth Speakers can be acecssoriesd with 3 additional colors: Khaki, Green and Orange

Product Sheet