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Professional Tools | Laser Level | Self-leveling, 15-30 meter range

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Okta Leveling Cross-Line Laser: Ultra-Bright, Accurate, and Reliable Leveling

Okta Leveling Cross-Line Laser: Precision and Reliability in Every Leveling Task

Introducing the Okta Leveling Cross-Line Laser, a tool that projects ultra-bright visible red laser lines, ensuring up to 2X brighter visibility compared to standard laser beams in the market. Experience a remarkable working range of up to 30 Ft. and relish in the reliable accuracy of +5/6 in. at 25 Ft., ensuring your leveling tasks are executed with utmost precision and confidence.

Optimized Energy Efficiency and Long-Term Reliability

Designed with a focus on Optimized Energy Efficiency, the Okta Leveling Cross-Line Laser ensures that your tool operates at peak performance for extended periods, guaranteeing Long-Term Tool Reliability and consistent results in all your leveling projects.

Smart Pendulum System for Enhanced Accuracy

The cross-line laser is equipped with a Smart Pendulum System, enabling automatic self-leveling and providing clear indication of out-of-level conditions, ensuring your work is always precise and reliable. Additionally, the pendulum lock safeguards the tool during transport, preventing damage and maintaining calibration.

MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device: Versatility in Every Setup

Accompanied by the MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device, the laser tool provides a rotating 360° neck for quick setup and simple fine-tuning. This allows the laser to be clamped onto virtually any surface from 1/2 In. to 2-1/4 In. thick, ensuring versatility and stability in all your leveling tasks.

Why settle for less? Elevate your leveling projects with the Okta Leveling Cross-Line Laser. Contact us for more information and bring precision and reliability to your work today.

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