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Powered Distribution Wall Plate | +2 TV outputs, on/off switch [White] (Compatible with HD VISION 360® Antenna)

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Okta Antenna Wall Plate Power Supply

Okta Antenna Wall Plate Power Supply

The Okta Antenna Wall Plate Power Supply is a meticulously crafted device that outputs a consistent +12 VDC. It is specifically designed to cater to RV owners, giving them the flexibility to switch between watching TV via an antenna or an external source, such as cable or satellite.

Key Features:

  • Offers the option to choose between TV from antenna or external sources like cable or satellite.
  • Equipped with 75 ohm coaxial input & output connections.
  • Features a 2-way splitter for connecting a second TV.
  • Incorporates an input switch for easy toggling between cable or TV antenna.

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