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Sigma Wire & Cable | Bulk RG6 Coaxial Cable | Dual Shield, 60% Braid | 1000 ft Reel-N-Box | Gray

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Technical Insights: Sigma Wire RG-6 Gray Coaxial Cable

Sigma Wire RG-6 Gray Coaxial Cable: A Testament to Precision and Versatility

When it comes to optimal signal transmission, Sigma Wire stands as a beacon of innovation and quality. The 1000 foot gray coax RG-6 is a testament to this dedication. Engineered with precision, this coaxial cable promises low signal loss and peak frequency responsiveness, ensuring unadulterated signal quality across various applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 1000 feet, offering extensive coverage suitable for broad-scale installations.
  • Color: Neutral gray, seamlessly blending with varied environments.
  • Central Conductor: Premium insulation to guarantee consistent signal integrity.
  • Wire Gauge: 18 AWG Copper Clad Steel, offering robustness and superior signal transmission properties.
  • Shielding: Dual-layer with a dense 60% braid, ensuring protection against external signal interferences.
  • Packaging: Innovative Reel In Box design, with a pallet accommodating 20/30 units for streamlined logistics.
  • Certifications: Proudly UL Listed and CM Rated, reinforcing its adherence to quality and safety standards.

Core Applications:

  • CATV & Satellite: Sigma's RG-6's quintessential application, assuring premium audio-visual outputs.
  • Professional Base Band Video: Accommodates BNC connectors, making it the preferred choice for professional video transmission setups.
  • Consumer A/V: Versatile to support diverse connectors, including RCA plugs, catering to a wide range of audio-visual requirements beyond RF and CATV.

Embrace Unparalleled Performance with Sigma Wire

With Sigma Wire's gray RG-6 coaxial cable, one doesn't just invest in a product; it's an investment in trust, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether you're setting up a sophisticated broadcasting unit, a sprawling CATV network, or an immersive home theater system, this cable ensures that the essence of every signal remains untainted from source to destination. Discover performance redefined with Sigma Wire.