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Rigid Conduit Body LB Series  

The Rigid Conduit Body LB Series  2" by Conversions Technology encapsulates the essence of premium engineering, ensuring top-notch electrical installations. Precision-crafted with high-grade materials, it stands as the epitome of durability and superior performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Series: LB Series - optimized for best conduit routing and enhanced accessibility.
  • Size:  2" inch - tailor-made for diverse installation requirements.
  • Threaded Design: Features UL-certified threads for secure and dependable connections.
  • Material: Constructed for maximum durability and resistance against external factors.
  • Standards Compliance: Adheres to UL LISTED, 2011 NEC & NEMA 3R standards, ensuring unmatched quality and safety.
  • Premium Finish: Enhanced with a premium powder coat finish, offering added protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Additional Components: Package includes a protective cover and gasket, ensuring the product's longevity.

Use Cases:

  • Facilitates wire pulling, splices, and taps within a conduit system.
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor electrical installations.
  • Recommended for commercial, industrial, and residential infrastructures for streamlined electrical system management.
  • Designed to provide easy access for maintenance, ensuring smooth future system enhancements.

The Rigid Conduit Body LB Series  2  is your go-to solution for top-tier electrical conduit installations. With Conversions Technology, experience excellence in design, functionality, and lasting performance.