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Rigid Conduit Body LR Series 3/4' UL Threaded



The LR Series Threaded Rigid Conduit Body (RCB) is a ¾" (nominal diameter) enclosure designed for use within rigid metal conduit (RMC) or intermediate metal conduit (IMC) systems. It features a combination of functionalities including access for wire manipulation, conduit transitions, bend management, and directional changes. The UL Listed construction ensures adherence to stringent safety and quality standards.

Key Features:

  • LR Type: This designation signifies a specific design with a combination of connection features: 
    • Set Screw Hub: This hub utilizes a compression-type mechanism with a set screw for secure connections to EMT conduit. The set screw provides additional gripping force to enhance the connection integrity.
    • National Pipe Straight (NPS) Tapered Hubs: These threaded hubs incorporate tapered threads conforming to the National Pipe Thread (NPT) standard. This design facilitates robust and secure connections with RMC or IMC conduit, ensuring a reliable seal against dust, moisture, and potential electrical hazards.
  • Material:
    • Body and Cover: Constructed from high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum. This material selection offers a lightweight solution while maintaining excellent durability in harsh environments.
    • Gasket: An integrated neoprene gasket is incorporated to create a weatherproof seal around the enclosure perimeter. Neoprene exhibits superior resistance to environmental factors like moisture, UV radiation, and ozone, ensuring the longevity of the RCB and protecting internal components from the elements.
  • Finish: The RCB boasts a durable powder-coated finish. This finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of the enclosure while providing additional protection against scratches, abrasions, and corrosion.
  • Environmental Rating: The LR Series RCB is suitable for use in wet locations and installations involving cement. This signifies its ability to withstand exposure to moisture and harsh environments commonly encountered in construction or industrial settings.
  • Hub Configuration: Similar to the LB series conduit body, the LR type features an end hub. This configuration allows for terminating a conduit run at the RCB, providing a convenient point for future access or maintenance activities.


  • Wire Pulling, Splicing, and Inspection: The removable cover of the LR Series RCB provides a readily accessible point for pulling wires, performing wire splices, and conducting visual inspections within the conduit system.
  • Conduit Transitions: The LR Series RCB facilitates the transition from EMT conduit to RMC or IMC conduit within a single enclosure. This eliminates the need for additional junction boxes and simplifies installation procedures.
  • Bend Management: The LR Series RCB allows for the creation of controlled bends within the conduit system. This feature reduces the need for complex conduit formations, saving on material and labor costs while maintaining proper routing strategies.
  • Directional Changes: The LR Series RCB enables the redirection of conduit runs at specific points within the system. This promotes efficient routing strategies and facilitates the accommodation of layout constraints.

The LR Series Threaded Rigid Conduit Body is a versatile and robust solution for various electrical applications. Its combination of functionalities, durable construction, and environmental suitability make it a valuable component for safe and efficient conduit system design.

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