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VGA/SVGA Cables for Monitors and Projectors

VGA/SVGA Cables: Optimal Choice for Monitors, Projectors, and Displays

Experience high-quality video transmission with our VGA/SVGA cables, designed for an array of video displays. Whether for professional presentations or enhancing your home entertainment system, our cables ensure a seamless and stable connection.


  • Compatible with computer monitors, data projectors, and other video displays.
  • Efficiently transfers analog video signals from computers and other sources.
  • Connects to 15-pin HD15 S/VGA jacks.
  • Ferrite beads minimize radio frequency interference for a sharper, more stable picture.
  • Fully molded construction with a super flexible satin black PVC jacket.
  • 100% Aluminum/Mylar foil cable shield with 95% tinned copper braiding ensures durability and minimizes interference.

Use Cases:

  • Connecting computer monitors for clear and accurate display.
  • Linking projectors for presentations, movies, and other visual media.
  • Enhancing video displays in educational, professional, and entertainment settings.
  • Ensuring a reliable and interference-free connection in various environments.

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