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18 Automatic Time Setting Wall Timer | Energy-Efficient & Secure

18 Automatic Time Setting Wall Timer

Discover the convenience of our wall timer designed to provide seamless automatic control over your indoor and outdoor lights, fans, sprinklers, and motors. With 18 unique timer settings and additional features, managing your home's electronics is simpler and more energy-efficient.

Key Features:

  • Programming Convenience: Set schedules for your devices to activate or deactivate at specific times.
  • 18 Timer Options: Customize up to 18 different on/off settings.
  • Manual Control: Use the timer cover for manual device control.
  • RCL Feature: Recall your last timer setting swiftly.
  • Save Energy: Minimize energy consumption by turning off lights when not needed.
  • Home Protection: Use the random mode to simulate home activity when you're away.


  • Installation: Compatible with standard electrical 1-gang wall boxes.
  • Required: Neutral wire. Single pole only.
  • Settings: Resistive 15A/1800W, Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz, Tungsten 1200W, Fan motor: 1/2HP.
  • Certifications: 1-Year warranty, UL/CUL Listed.
  • Included: Wall plate.

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners aiming for energy-efficient living.
  • Professionals requiring precise device scheduling.
  • Those seeking an added layer of home security.